Strain: Euphoria


  • Parentage: Skunk (f) × Skunk (m)
  • Indica/Sativa: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 63 days
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Odor: Sweet Blossom
  • Used Medically For:

    • Mood Enhancer
    • Increases Energy
    • Clarity
    • Helps with Fatigue
    • Mood Stabilizer
    • Anorexia
    • Depression
    • Overindulging
    • Decreases Hypoactivity
    • O.C.D. (obessive compulsive disorder)


This strain has an uplifting and very active high, recommended as a morning / day time medication for those who still need the ability to think and focus during the work day or just like to have a clear mind.

She is scented with a blanket of sweet blossoms ready to whisk you into your day with some peep.

This strain does well in soil or hydroponics using the multi-branching or SOG methods.  She is a very disease resistant plant and if grown outside, you will notice that her outer leaves tend to turn a purple in color.  Begin to slowly remove the bigger fan leaves a week or so before finishing out the flower cycle.  If you allow her to, she will flower 3 times over a 13-14 week period.  Harvesting has now become a double duty.

When grown indoors:  She will finish flowering in about 9 weeks or 63 days.

When grown outdoors:  She will finish around the end of oct.



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