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Recent changes to laws in certain jurisdictions withtin the United States (and other countries) have made it possible for citizens to finally obtain marijuana for use as a legitimate medicine without fear of prosecution from oppressive authorities eager to push the failing 'War on Drugs' agenda.

If you were to use marijuana as a medicine, how can you be sure of the medicinal properties of the strain your caregiver has provided you?  Is the particular strain you are using going to remedy your ailment?  Where does one go to find this sort of information?

Medstrains.com was created to answer these questions.  We are a trusted and authoritative source on marijuana strains, their characteristics as medicine, their taste, smell, potency, expected yield, and where to obtain the genetics should you wish to cultivate your own medicine.

Our mission is to provide the community with clear, concise, and useful information regarding the medicinal properties and cultivation details for each known marijuana strain on the planet.  We will not be satisfied until all strains have been assessed and cataloged on this site.

We are conviently located in Denver, Colorado -- the center of the MMJ culture explosion.  While we are not affiliated with any particular dispensary or production operation, we welcome the idea of collaborating with any local (or remote) businesses in our industry that would like to make this site a better and more informative resource for the community.  Currently, we are seeking pictures of strains.  If you can assist us with this, please contact strainmaster@medstrains.com for more information.

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